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Are These 3 Things Hating on Your Hormones?

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Facebook Google Twitter Hormone troubles can begin as early as adolescence and follow us throughout our lives. Yup, hormone balance doesn’t end when your period does! Hormone health is not just for women who want to get pregnant or have nasty PMS symptoms! If you suffer from skin issues like acne or dry skin, digestive dysfunction, mood imbalance, or fatigue, …

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The Super Antioxidant Smoothie that Boosts Male Fertility

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Facebook Google Twitter Free radicals, which are produced by the body and encountered in our environment, cause destruction to the cells they encounter and are responsible for premature aging.  Antioxidants are molecules that neutralize free radicals. The result in antioxidants are low in the body or there are more free radicals then the body can handle is oxidative stress. Oxidative …

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Easy Detox Tool for Happy Hormones

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Facebook Google Twitter Your body is a wondrous thing – constantly working to remove toxins and excess hormones, while converting the food you eat into nutrients that fuel every cell in your body There are natural detoxification pathways that help to process and clear exogenous chemicals, excess hormones, and cellular waste from the body. This is how the body avoids …

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Late Nights Ruining Your Hormones?

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Facebook Google Twitter I recently attended the Institute of Functional Medicine’s annual conference, which was all about a very important subject. It reinforced some basic, but crucial information when it comes to hormone balance and, ultimately, our overall health. You see, there’s this thing we all need to help ensure blood sugar regulation, mood stabilization, and hormone health. And an estimated …

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9 Ways to Boost Progesterone & Your Fertility

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Facebook Google Twitter You’re probably familiar with the symptoms: mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, low sex drive, and sleep disturbances. For some women, PMS hits the week before their period. For others, the symptoms are more erratic, seemingly lasting throughout the month. If this sounds like a normal month for you, we need to talk. First of all, feeling bad should …

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Lab Tests—Could Your Doctor Be Missing Something?

Dr. Laura Wollman Autoimmune Leave a Comment

Facebook Google Twitter Have you ever received a letter or a note from your doctor about your labwork that simply says, “Everything is normal?” Unfortunately, for many people, their doctor will tell them everything looks normal, although they feel utterly terrible. Getting regular labwork done is an important part of every person’s health journey.  It gives your physician valuable insight …

Mother's Day Gift Free Mom

A Special Gift Just for Moms

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Facebook Google Twitter Mother’s Day is this weekend and in celebration of all mothers, I am sharing important information about health and nutrition that will support fertility, optimize pregnancy, help moms thrive in the postpartum healing and continue to support their health for many years to come. I compiled some helpful resources for you to implement or share with a …

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I’m Not a Mom: Here’s What I Did To Prepare For a Loved One’s Birth

Mallory Leone Postpartum, Pregnancy Leave a Comment

Facebook Google Twitter Waking out of a deep sleep at 3:21 am on Saturday morning, I stumbled, disoriented to the phone. Whenever I’m expecting an important wake-up call or have an alarm set, I’m sure to place the phone across the room so I don’t accidentally shut off the clanging early morning pings. “It’s time,” whispered my cousin wearily. “Baby’s …

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7 Things Medical School Didn’t Teach Me About Postpartum (And Your Doctor Probably Didn’t Share)

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Facebook Google Twitter Any mom knows … motherhood is a crazy journey full of hard days, even harder laughter, and unexpected lessons learned along the way. I decided to write down some of what I experienced that medical school did not prep me for and the common concerns that many of my patients share with me (that is, once we …

Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth

I’m thrilled to share my new book with you, Healing Your Body Naturally After Childbirth: The New Mom’s Guide to Navigating the Fourth Trimester!